Peter Sheehan

As part of our series, we have decided to include one player from the Billiard scene who has been one of the top players in the world for many years, winning many titles in the process and is looking forward to competing at the highest level once again after a few years away from the game. Here is an insight into Peter Sheehan.

Peter Sheehan
EASB English Amateur Champion – 1994
World Professional Champs Quarter Finals – 1998
British U16 – Runner Up
Managed to beat Geet Sethi, Robby Foldvari, Chris Shutt, Roxton Chapman amongst others in various professional competitions.
Merseyside Billiards Champions x5
North West Champion x5
Champion of Champions x3
Youngest ever winner of Widnes league billiards individual title at 15 years old.
In 1994 I made a clean sweep of all local competitions including the English Amateur title. I competed for six years as a professional – travelling to India on numerous occasions and Malta.
Nickname: “Sheester”
Favourite football team: Everton
Best sporting moment outside Billiards: 1985 European Cup Winners Cup semi final , Everton v Bayern Munich
Favourite Places: Goodison Park and Benidorm!
 Favourite Band/Artist: Oasis, Elvis Presley
Favourite Film: Goodfellas
Favourite Actors: Robert de Niro
Favourtie Food: Chinese
Favourite Drink: Moretti
Highest World Ranking: 8
High Tournament Break: 349 at the British Open in Bath. My highest in practice is 876
Favourite Venues:
Scotties on Derby Lane has so many good memories, a brilliant club and match room. Some of the venues I’ve played in India were amazing, especially the Park Sheraton Hotel in Mumbai were we played the 1998 World Championship was fantastic.
Which snooker & Billiards player inspired you?
Steve Davis and Peter Gilchrist
Proudest Moment in Billiards:
Winning the EASB English Amateur Championship in 1994
Toughest opponent:
I played against all the best players, Mike Russell , Geet Sethi, Chris Shutt, Davis Causier and Robby Foldvari was like granite. Peter Gilchrist was my nemesis, could never beat him. Great lad is Pete – the current world champion and I still keep in touch with him.
Room mate: Chris Shutt of Middlesbrough or Ian Williamson of Leeds.
Walk on song: Z-Cars Theme
Which celebrities (alive or not) would you like to invite to dinner??
Howard Kendall
Elvis Presley
Lee Evans (comedian)