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MDSBA and the Merseyside County are immensely proud to have two fantastic sides in the ENCSC County Championships. Since Merseyside entered the county scene, both ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides have had a huge amount of success in the Gold and Silver Section respectively. We have a talented pool of players and hope for more success over the coming years. A massive part of our success is the work and dedication of the captains of both squads. Andy Molyneux captains our ‘A’ side and is one of the most respected people in our county. His record of three gold championships in four years is a representation of his hard work. Paul McCulloch captains our ‘B’ side and despite being fairly new to the Merseyside snooker scene, has also worked very hard and has guided his side to two silver championships in a row in the last two years.

Good Luck in the upcoming season!!!

Merseyside ‘A’

2015 – WINNERS v Yorkshire

2016 – WINNERS v South Yorkshire 33-23

2017 – Not Entered

2018 – WINNERS v Shropshire & West Midlands 33-31

2019 – Runners-Up v Shropshire & West Midlands 33-22

Merseyside ‘B’

2016 – Semi Finals

2017 – Not entered

2018 – WINNERS v Leicestershire ‘B’ 33-31

2019 – WINNERS v Notts ‘B’ 33-19



2019/20 National County Championships

Merseyside A have been paired with Merseyside B in Group Two of this season’s Gold Championship alongside Leicestershire A and Notts A.The second group matches will be played at Levels Club in Huddersfield on the weekend of 29th Feb.

Merseyside A Results

Merseyside A 33-4 Leicestershire A

Merseyside A 33-11 Merseyside B

Merseyside A 33-21 Nottinghamshire A

Merseyside A 33-21 Nottinghamshire A

Merseyside A 33-15 Merseyside B

Merseyside A W/O – SCR Leicestershire A

Merseyside A successfully qualified for the Semi-Finals. They will play Lincolnshire A at a later date.

Merseyside B Results

Merseyside B 22-33 Nottingham A

Merseyside B 11-33 Merseyside A

Merseyside B 33-27 Leicestershire A

Merseyside B W/O – SCR Leicestershire A

Merseyside B 15-33 Merseyside A

Merseyside B 11-33 Nottinghamshire A

Merseyside B was eliminated in the group stage.


Merseyside C will play in the Silver Section this season alongside Derbyshire B and Lincolnshire B. Their second round of matches will be played on the 15th and 16th of February.

Merseyside C Group Results

Merseyside C 33-30 Lincolnshire B

Merseyside C 31-33 Derbyshire B

Merseyside C 33-23 Lincolnshire B

Merseyside C 33-27 Derbyshire B

Merseyside C qualified for the Semi-Finals to play Leicestershire B at a later date.

For Full details including Player Rankings Click the link below.

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