Ian Brumby

We start our series of ‘Mersey Legends’ player profiles with Ian Brumby, an insight into one of Liverpool’s most successful players. Ian’s career has span over 35 years at both professional and amateur level. At the age of 55 he is still picking up title across Merseyside.

ian brumby legends


UK Seniors Title : 2006 (v Dean Reynolds 8-4)

North West Open Champion: 1985/2002/2017

Merseyside Champion of Champions:

Merseyside Open Champion:

Mersey Masters Champion:

Liverpool & Wirral Open Champion : 2016/2019

Pontins Senior Title: 2006

Merseyside Junior Champion of Champion: 1985/86

……….Plus a few Pro-Am Titles



Nickname: “The Breeze”

Age: 55

Favourite Football Team?? Liverpool

Best Sporting moments?? 2005 Champions League Final v AC Milan in Istanbul and 2019 Champions League SF 2nd Leg v Barcelona

Favourite Places?? Florida & Mexico

Favourite Band/Artist?? U2

Favourite Film?? Godfather Series

Favourite Actor/Actress?? Robert De Niro

Favourite Food?? Chinese

Favourite Drink?? JD & Coke

Highest Tournament Break?? 147 ( v Paul Davison – 1999 Pro-Am in Leeds (I won the Pro-Am but didn’t get anything for the break )

First 100 Break?? I recall my first century break, exactly 100 v John Parrott at Dudley Institute in Liverpool, on 14th February 1983 (the reason why I was playing snooker on Valentines Day will always remain a secret)

Favourite Venue you have played?? Preston Guild Hall & St George’s Hall

Which player inspired you?? Steve Davis

What would be your chosen ‘walk on’ music?? Money for Nothing – Dire Straits

Who are the toughest opponents you have played?? Willie Thorne and Rod Lawler

Who was/is your favourite player to watch?? Steve Davis; Mark Williams

And Finally…..
If you were playing in the World Final at The Crucible, apart from your family, which 3 celebrities would you invite as your special guests???
Jurgen Klopp, Kenny Dalglish and Ricky Gervais